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How we work?

Working with us is not a traditional agency relationship. It's not just you give us a specification on what to build, then we develop it, and we push it to the live server.

We work closely with you as a team to design and develop your product or idea.

Our focus is always getting better products that users love. From idea to launch to support, we're connected with you throughout the entire process to provide the most meaningful experience possible.

Our risk minimization process

Validate or test your product idea at every stage of the development lifecycle.

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Discover & validate

We minimize the risk by replacing your assumptions with real user feedback. It saves you from investing months of time & money building the wrong product.
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UI & UX design

We start designing UI & UX of the webpages or screens. It's not only about visual design; it's about making users understand and use the product through a better experience.
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The Agile Methodology inspires our development process. We plan the development sprints of 1-4 weeks (each) which consist of 3 repetitive stages – code, test, and deploy.
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We test the whole app on all the possible platforms. We do the necessary load tests and internal UATs. As a result, we push the product to the production environment.
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Support & growth

We provide free support to ensure everything is working fine. We also help you to hack the product growth based on data and user feedback.
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Technical expertise

Experience of 9+ years building web apps using CakePHP. Know more
We keep building new technical skills. Sometimes, we don't show off here. 😎

Latest from our work

CoursePro Page Builder for Teachable

We brought our design and engineering team to help course creators build beautiful sales pages with ease. It now serves many big online course creators who are earning millions.

What SprintCube did?
- Product Design
- Web Engineering

Read more about it here.

Having used development teams from all the over the world for almost 10 years, I have to say that SprintCube is up there with the best. Excellent, clear communicators who under promise and over deliver. An absolute pleasure to work with and my new go-to development team for future projects. I wish all developers were like them; the web would be a better place.

Rudy Santino, CEO at CoursePro, Australia

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Got a product idea? Need it validated, designed or developed? Want your company/teams to innovate faster? We have you covered. To know more, request a consultation through the following form, or email us at hello@sprintcube.com.