EyeLocal - Find local food

A mobile application to look for local food stalls, restaurants, and offers on food running around. We helped create an MVP using our Design Sprint process and web engineering.

What we did?
API Development
Backend Development
Website Development
Web Design
App Design
Technologies we used
Google Cloud Platform
EyeLocal - Find local food


EyeLocal is a local food-finding app. It allows users to share feedback about the food stalls and restaurants. It enables food stall owners and restaurants to target more customers and sell more through rewards.


The initial EyeLocal idea was to enable people to find more local and hidden businesses in all sectors. It was like targeting a vast market of many different businesses. Where to focus was a big challenge in every aspect. The client already spent much time deciding where to start and what to target. It seemed like a never-ending process for him.


Listening to the problems at first, it looked like focusing on every industry from the beginning would be tough. The first challenge was to decide on industry to focus on and start with. With a few research hours and interviews with the target audience, we helped them with this challenge.

To decide what to build for the MVP or first launch, we decided to run a Design Sprint. It helped us uncover some important questions, and based on that, we derived a few solutions to test. We tested and validated them. It helped us decide what to build as an MVP and gave us a tentative product roadmap.

Then, we started with the UI & UX design of the apps. While doing this, we made sure to follow Google's Material Design and Apple's Human Interface Guidelines so that users feel familiar with the app experience. We also designed and developed REST APIs for mobile apps.


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Project outcome

What did the client say?

When other app development companies trapped me into building a stack of features, SprintCube's Design Sprint process saved me a lot of time and money. They helped me validate the idea first and then drafted a better roadmap for the development. They focused on the purpose rather than features. They are great at web engineering. I insist SprintCube for all who want to build meaningful applications.

Jaydeep Mangukiya

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