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Get your communities and forums migrated to the Bettermode community platform. Build Bettermode apps for your custom requirements.

Bettermode partner

Migrate to Bettermode

We help migrate your communities and forums from platforms like Mighty Networks, Discourse, XenForo®, WordPress, and other community / forum platforms to your Bettermode community account.

Migrating your current community or forum platform's data to your Bettermode community is a simple 3-step process.

  1. We ask you for some details of your current platform and a few questions to get started with this migration.
  2. Then, we do all the necessary web engineering to import your community or forum data to your Bettermode account.
  3. We test and review your data on the Bettermode community.

That's it. You get your Bettermode community ready to use with your existing data.

Migrate to Bettermode

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