MRI Online - Courses data migration and syncing

Premium online radiology courses for practicing radiologists. We migrated courses and members' data and setup continuous data syncing through a custom web application.

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Data Migration
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MRI Online - Courses data migration and syncing


MRI Online provides premium online education resources for practicing radiologists to expand their radiology expertise. Members can enroll in courses to learn through online videos, real-world cases, and other materials.


MRI Online's courses were initially hosted on a top-rated LMS platform, Teachable. It has many good features, and 1000s of creators host their courses on it. But when you want to grow, you want some custom features, and then, such a platform doesn't work anymore for your business. It lacked some features MRI Online was looking for. Plus, they were paying a good amount of money as a regular subscription and transaction fee. So they decided to move everything over to a customizable solution that doesn't become a hurdle in their growth.


Along with custom features for their online courses, they also wanted to manage their website and CMS on a single platform. So a possible solution could be a CMS platform that has LMS capabilities. Among all the CMS platforms, WordPress was a perfect fit. It's a widely used CMS platform with great LMS plugins that handle courses well with customization capabilities. So they decided to move everything over to WordPress + LMS plugin solution.

Next, WordPress would host MRI Online's website, blog, and course content from Teachable. As a part of this migration, we had to migrate all of their online courses' content and members' progress over to the WordPress LMS.

Our development team reviewed their Teachable courses and their members' data. There were 100+ online courses, 3500+ MRI cases, and thousands of members' data. Courses and MRI cases included video, audio, doc, and presentation files. We mapped Teachable data with WordPress + LMS plugin's database fields. We developed scripts to migrate data to the WordPress database and course files (media and doc) to the WordPress server.

Such a migration move also required members/users to stop learning on Teachable and start using the new WordPress LMS platform. Usually, such a move can be challenging for users. They need to forget the existing platform and get used to the new platform. So members were still using Teachable for learning even after the migration. As a result, we were also required to sync data from Teachable to WordPress.

For the continuous data syncing, we developed a web backend (called "Jarvis") that keeps syncing members' data from Teachable to WordPress, and MRI Online's team can keep an eye on the data being synced. The web backend synced new members, their purchases, and their course progress data from Teachable to WordPress. So whenever any member starts using WordPress, they have all of their purchases and course progress data on WordPress LMS.


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Project outcome

  MRI Online's team migrated their courses from Teachable to their own platform, which now manages their website, CMS, and online courses. Now, they can build custom features for their members to provide them best possible user experience.
  They're saving 100s of dollars every month they had to pay as a subscription and commission on Teachable.

What did the client say?

Daniel Arnold
CEO, Co-Founder @ MRI Online

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