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May 22, 2018


An Android app to explore and share wallpapers for your phone.

Android • CakePHP • Google Identity Platform • 3rd party APIs
Firebase • AWS

Wallpapers App • Mobile app UI & UX design


Wallpapers (formerly 1Wall) is an app that allows users to explore, upload and share wallpapers. They can explore latest and featured wallpapers, collections, and categories. It makes them able to apply and download the wallpaper on a single tap.


A problem that we found was, there are many wallpaper apps available on the Google Play Store. So this app was going to be one of them. We asked - "Why are we building this app?". Another problem was, users were not engaging much with the app. For the client, the intention to build this app was to get an experience of how the app market works. We were asked to think about features that make it a bit different from other apps, and how we can increase the engagement.


After a few days of research, we found that users love photos so much, and so wallpapers on their phones. Leaving users who like to set their own or family photos on the phone screen, there is a group of users who change wallpapers on their phone often. They spend a lot of time exploring wallpapers on such apps and apply one that they like from a specific category or collection on the app. And they do the same after a few hours or days.

We decided to reduce the efforts of applying a wallpaper on the phone. At that time, Android 7.1 was just launched and came up with really good "App Shortcuts" feature. So we decided to have a shortcut called "Surprise me!" which applies a wallpaper to their phones without opening the app. Another feature that we came up with was "Jazz up screen". It asks users to choose a time interval by which they want to change the wallpaper automatically, and categories they want to choose wallpapers from to apply on the phone screen. Once it's done, there is no need to open the app to apply wallpapers of your choice. The app automatically selects a wallpaper from the chosen categories and applies it to the phone at the said time interval.

Wallpapers App at SprintCube before & after

Case Study

How did we increase user engagement and motivation into the app?

It describes how did we proceed step-by-step.

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