Femcity - Membership reports

Femcity is an international networking group for women. It helps women launch, grow, and level up their businesses, brands, and careers.

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Femcity - Membership reports


Femcity provides over 50+ in-person communities throughout the USA and Canada, creating a supportive environment where women can connect, engage, and share. Their membership offers access to workshops, live classes, and online networking designed to help women grow personally and professionally.


Femcity uses MemberSpace to manage its online memberships and Stripe to process payments. They were looking for a few specific reports that neither platform provides. They also needed features like delivering weekly/monthly reports and custom email alerts about the memberships to the admin and moderators. None of these were possible on the platforms they use.


When necessary reports and features are absent in any platform, its developer APIs are handy. We explored MemberSpace and Stripe developer APIs and studied them to identify what could help us reach a solution. We analyzed the available information with the developer APIs and drafted a solution for all requirements. We went through questionnaires with the client and finalized a solution. We prepared an SOW (Statement of Work) so that we and the client would get an exact idea of the outcome/product.

We decided to build a custom web application for their entire requirement. It required to fetch data from both platforms, MemberSpace and Stripe. Initially, we fetched all existing members' data and saved it to the web app database (MySQL). Then, the app should continue fetching their updated membership data. Also, the app should fetch data of all new members.

Our team developed membership and transactional reports that can be viewed on the web app, downloaded as a CSV file, and delivered to the rightful people by email. We added a form to filter the data and reports based on the form selection.

The web app delivers reports to admin and moderator users on time. It sends email alerts for new joinings and cancellations to the rightful community moderators.

The reports web app also includes features to manage app users (admins and moderators) and community chapters so that each user can see what's required for them.


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Project outcome

Femcity admins and moderators get timely reports of memberships. They don't have to rely on MemberSpace or Stripe to get reports.

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