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August 20, 2018
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May 22, 2018


An app to discover local food stalls, restaurants, and offers they're running.

Android • iOS • CakePHP • Firebase • Google Cloud Platform


EyeLocal is a local food discovery app. It allows users to share feedback about the food stalls and restaurants. It gives food stall owners and restaurants an opportunity to make people aware of their business and sell more through rewards.


The initial idea was to cover businesses of various industries. Altogether, it was like targeting a huge market with so many different industries. So where to focus was a big problem in every aspect. There was a lot of time spent to decide where to start from and what to focus. It seemed like never-ending discussions.


Listening to the problems at first, it looked like focusing on each and every industry from the beginning would be really tough. The first challenge was to decide an industry to focus and start with. With a few research and analytics, we helped them to decide an industry to focus on and start with.

Then there was another challenge with the user types. There were two types of users for EyeLocal. That has to be covered in the entire system. As we know the power of Design Sprint and the way we love it, we decided to run Design Sprints; so that we can validate what we're going to build and have insights from the real users which can help us decide a set of features and where to focus with the development and launch.

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