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A Planner

Your digital planner diary. Write your goals, targets, and plan your days.

Technologies used:

Angular 6 • Sails.js • Google Cloud Firestore
A Planner

Web (Beta available)



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A Planner is a digital planner diary for people who want to achieve more at work and life. It helps you plan your days considering the goals and targets that you have set.


We found that many people use TODO apps to manage their tasks. Sometimes they plan tasks that are not much important and worth completing to achieve their targets and goals. As a result, they don't make any significant progress and lag behind at important targets and goals.


Gautam (our co-founder) was already facing this problem along with many others. He had been trying a few ways to overcome this problem in his life. He tried a different kind of diaries available at the bookstores, used sticky notes, blank papers, etc. At last, he ended up building habit of writing tasks that compliment weekly and monthly targets and goals. And, we decided to bring it on digital platforms since not everyone uses physical diaries, they want to access things with ease and don't want to forget anything.

We started designing some layouts of a physical notebook diary to experiment. We used them in our routine to plan the days. We looked around to find inspirations. And we decided on a layout and reached out to people who use notebook diaries and TODO apps. We did a couple of iteration and agreed on one layout.

Next, we decided to build a web app first to test the waters, and then iterate and evolve it before we start developing mobile apps. It took us less than 2 weeks to build the basic features, and launched it as Beta on the web. You can access it at Try it for 3-4 weeks, and let us know what do you think about it. Your feedback will help us make it a better app for the users.