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9 years of experience in web development using CakePHP.

Why CakePHP for the web development?

CakePHP, founded in 2005, is one of the most popular frameworks for web development. It is widely used and trusted by many big enterprises. Some of the biggest brands in the world who use CakePHP are BMW, Hyundai, MIT, Express, Billabong, Teamspeak, etc.

CakePHP helps you build your websites, apps, APIs faster from scratch which results in saving efforts, time, and money.

Another big advantage of CakePHP is, its huge community with more than 15K followers on Twitter, more than 20K questions on Stack Overflow.

CakePHP Features

  • MVC ready!
  • Built for rapid web development
  • Built-in security
  • Easy code generation
  • Connect with MySQL, SQLite, Postgres, and MSSQL
  • Extensive multilingual support
  • Flexible template system
  • Routing that supports SEO and SEM
  • Supports 3rd party libraries
  • Custom plugins
  • Supports caching
  • MIT license

CakePHP Plugins developed by us

CakePHP REST API Plugin by SprintCube


Build REST API endpoints in your CakePHP application easily.
CakePHP SendGrid Plugin by SprintCube

CakePHP SendGrid

Integrate email delivery using SendGrid to your web development project.
CakePHP Mailgun Plugin by SprintCube

CakePHP Mailgun

Integrate email delivery using Mailgun to your web development project.
CakePHP Elastic Email Plugin by SprintCube

CakePHP Elastic Email

Integrate email delivery using Elastic Email to your web development project.
We bake with CakePHP - SprintCube

We and CakePHP

A team led by our co-founder Narendra Vaghela having experience of building and leading web projects using CakePHP for almost 9 years.

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