Build better products,
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Many invest months in building a product.
And then, there are a few who do it in WEEKS!

What's a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint is a 4-day process that helps answer challenging business questions, build new products or improve existing ones, design or improve processes and services through rapid prototyping and user testing. It helps to reach clearly defined goals and deliverables quickly without months of discussions and work. It encourages user-centered thinking and gets you to product launch faster.

Why do we use the Design Sprint?

It is versatile. It can be used to design or improve products (digital or hardware products, processes, services, experiences), test new ideas or features, and much more. It removes months of discussions, development efforts and gives an outcome in a week; which helps us decide if a product or feature is worth developing.

What's the exact outcome?

As an outcome of every Design Sprint, we get real feedback from the actual users by having them test a high-fidelity interactive prototype. It looks and feels like a real product. It gives us clear insights to decide next steps.

Here's a sample high-fidelity interactive prototype.

What can be next after a Design Sprint?

Real user feedback is insights to decide the next steps in the product or business challenges. It helps to decide if another Sprint is needed to iterate and improve the idea. Or you can choose to convert the prototype into a real product, i.e., start developing the concept to launch it. If it's about a process or service, you can roll it out on a large-scale at the organization level. You can also decide not to go with the idea or product or solution which results in saving months of wasted time and money.

And, how do we do it?

We run a 4-day Design Sprint.
Day 1 - We work directly with you to understand the challenges and decide the scope of the week.
Day 2 - We finalize a solution to the challenges to prototype on the next day.
Day 3 - We build a high fidelity prototype. It is not just a wireframe. It is an interactive prototype which looks and feels like a real product.
Day 4 - We test the prototype with the real users.

👉 Want us to do a Design Sprint remotely? Not a problem! We do it. 👍

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