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Our workshop ratings by attendees

  • Overall satisfaction level92%
  • Expectations met88%
  • Recommendation level94%

What do our attendees say?

I got an opportunity to attend the two meetups organized. Though three hours time is a less time, still they were able to convey to us the basics of Design Sprints, the essence of doing them. And yes, enough to experiment in our work life. Thanks for patiently solving the queries and giving us insights.

Vikas Jain (Agile Coach)

Good ways to get things done without unnecessary discussions, and testing new ideas.

Daniel D'Costa (Founder, TheApp.Company)

A few hours of workshop changed my way of work and identifying priority tasks. It is saving me some hours and energy from open team discussions. It is helping me move faster at work. Time spent at the workshop is totally worth.

Jagdish Prajapati (iOS Developer)

I experienced the potential of Design Sprints to resolve bottlenecks in teams, organizations. I started implementing exercises from the workshop and finding it helpful. It helps me to go ahead faster.

Daxesh Sharma (Developer)

Why should you learn the Design Sprint?

There are plenty of reasons.
1. Design Sprint makes it possible to answer big and critical questions before you take any strong/big step on a new product, process, or service.
2. It brings teams together, aligned to solve a common problem and they work on a goal with focus.
3. It gets your organization started with innovation.
4. It accelerates the development of the product and services. As a result, it accelerates your entire organization!
5. It saves a lot of wasted time and money for your organization.

How do we do Design Sprint Trainings?

What's a Design Sprint?

Invented at Google Ventures, the Design Sprint is a time-bound, 4-day process that helps answer critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with users. It enables you to reduce the risk when bringing a new product, process, service, experience, or a feature to the market.

What are the use cases?

  • Large software products
  • App Design
  • Web projects
  • Hardware products
  • Business model validation
  • Organizational change projects
  • Sales projects
  • New startup or product ideas
  • NGO
  • Digital transformation
  • Individual creative projects
  • Build company vision

What's the exact outcome?

At the end of a Sprint, you get a customer-tested prototype along with the feedback. These feedback act as insights that will help you decide the next steps on the challenge or product. It gets you the confidence to go ahead with the product or service. In fact, it increases the chances of getting your product or service successful.

Even if the prototype fails in customer testing, it's a great outcome. Your organization has just saved months of wasted efforts, time and money.

So at the end of a Sprint, you're always a winner. Yeah!


Who should learn it?

• Product Owners, Founders, CEOs
• Product or Project Managers
• Designers, Developers, Producers
• Sales or Marketing People
• Customer Services


In-house Design Sprint Training

2-Day Training

Major takeaways:
1. Define the challenge or set the goal
2. Challenge yourself and produce innovative solutions in no time
3. Finalize the solution(s) using concept voting and straw poll
4. Define the storyboard
5. Make critical decisions fast

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