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A quick start guide.

What do the quick start guide readers say?

What does a Design Sprint PDF cover?


1. It's a quick step-by-step guide to run a Design Sprint 2.0 on own.
2. What's a Design Sprint?
3. How to start with it?
    » Building a sprint team.
    » Choosing experts, deciders, and a facilitator.
    » Design Sprint Kit (Tools needed to run a Design Sprint).
4. Design Sprint Rules.
5. Agenda for all 4 days.
6. Exercises from all 4 days.
    » How to perform these exercises step-by-step?
    » How much time should you allocate to each exercise?
7. How to build a prototype in a day?
8. How to find user testers for the final day?
9. How to conduct user interviews?
It helps you learn how to run Design Sprints in brief.

What will you get?
You will get a zip file which contains,
1. A PDF file in the presentation format
2. A Keynote file (Editable)
3. A Powerpoint file (Editable)


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