Design Sprint Master Slide Deck

Facilitate & run Design Sprints like a professional.


What is the Design Sprint Master Slide Deck?

It is a presentation slide deck that can be used to run Design Sprints effectively and with ease. It is designed specifically for the Design Sprint Facilitators or those who want to run Design Sprints on own within their organization.

It covers facilitation for the Day 1 & 2 of the Design Sprint 2.0 process. I.e., facilitation for the Define the Challenge, Produce solutions, Vote on Solutions, and Storyboarding exercises.

Day 3 & 4 are about prototyping and user testing respectively which generally don't require a slide deck. Still, if you need tips & guide on that, go through the Design Sprint PDF Quick Start Guide that you can get bundled with this slide deck.

This is the same slide deck that we use at SprintCube to run Design Sprints and train other companies, professionals.

Our Design Sprint PDF Quick Start Guide and/or Master Slide Deck are used by professionals who work at the following companies.

Why should you use it?

1.Design Sprints can easily go off-track without good facilitator or guidance or experience. Our Slide Deck helps you keep your Sprints on the track.
2.Presenting each exercise of the Sprint with its purpose, how to perform it better, and what to produce for the quality of the Sprint helps a lot. Our Slide Deck has got it covered.
3.Sprint members may get questions, they may feel uncomfortable because of the fast-paced nature of the process. You need to assist and help them for the quality of the Sprint. Our Slide Deck covers essential tips to handle such situations.
4.Best practice is to show people something, not only tell them. That's where a good Facilitation Slide Deck becomes a great helping hand.
5.Altogether, you will be able to focus on the quality of the Design Sprint with confidence. No pressure of having less or Zero experience of running Sprints.

What does it cover?

Editable Keynote & Powerpoint slide decks with the speaker notes.

Distraction free, clean & minimal design.

Tips that give better experiences to the team.

Slides to give personalized feeling to the Sprint team.

Meaningful presentation of every exercise.

What's the exercise and its purpose.

Step by step guide on how to perform exercises.

Meaningful examples with photos to give a better understanding.

Important and vital notes for the facilitator.

Points to present the purpose of each exercise.

Important facilitation tips.

Tasks that a facilitator has to do during Sprint.

DOs & DONTs of exercises.

Please note that tips, tasks, steps, examples, notes, points, DOs & DONTs are covered wherever applicable and required.

Always updated

We keep this slide deck always updated with new tips, necessary details that we & our friends experience in Design Sprints. We will email you the updated Slide Deck at no extra cost.

What will you get?

  1. Keynote & Powerpoint files with 150 slides. Both are editable.
  2. README file with how to use instructions.

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